Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Captivating Capiz SEO Contest

Today there is another SEO contest dubbed as the "Captivating Capiz" SEO contest and it opened just yesterday when the Cebu SEO contest ended. This race hopes to capture all the beauty of Capiz as a treasured land as well as an eco-tourism center in the Philippines. The organizer is good enough to have thought of hitting 2 birds in one stone because of he is not just promoting his native land to all tourists and travel enthusiasts but also about consciousness on blood donation which is one of the major request of the major sponsor to the said Captivating Capiz challenge.

So far, I have seen only a few participants who were able to think it out to join the contest and come up with the requirements which is over all not really that hard to produce to get in. I believe that there is more to this challenge than the Cebu SEO contest that has just concluded the other day where the organizing person himself in the Captivating Capiz contest won over competitors.

I am announcing it here in hopes to wish good luck to all the contest participants.


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