Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Watch Out for Firefox's TraceMonkey Beat Google Chrome

We all know how Java Script speeds up things and stuff in the web today. While millions grace, cheer and hail Google Chrome, the new revolutionary Google browser, Firefox is on its way developing it's own, the great Spider Monkey, the JavaScript runtime engine in the Firefox browser. Where does this amazing java script engine outperform Google's chrome. Take a look and read along this post that will eventually change your mind over Google Chrome.

I read this interesting post of the development of the java script engine by Firefox

While car fanatics are comparing cars with their today and although it is late for my finding out about the Spider Monkey I want to have this great news featured here at the Intelligent SEO blog in SEO Philippines block.
high performance engine, we in the search engine world are on the lookout for the engine that will break the ice in outperforming other search engines with the technology that will rise above all. I am talking about Google Chrome, the new revolutionary Google Browser developed by a team of specialists in Denmark. While everybody is eager at announcing about the latest innovation by Google, somewhere in the web, there is a very interesting pointblank history in the making to break this new technology to topple big B and LOOK WHO'S BEHIND IT! None other than Firefox itself, the best web browser there is for me and for most of us here in the search engine and SEO world.

I haven't downloaded and tried Google Chrome at all, maybe because I really don't believe so much in what Google has achieved here from the opening that gathered a lot of spectators only to end up BUGGED down. Today, that perception ends upon me finding out about the new Firefox Browser will soon be more than what Google can offer.

While Google Chrome has its best feature of the said browser which is the V8 feature, according to
ARS TECHNICA, high-performance JavaScript virtual machine, Firefox is on the way to its own high end technology that will match up more than what speed Google Chrome has in its V8 - TraceMonkey. Nobody must've heard about it yet for at least we all know that the interest for now is with Google but let the challenge begin as graphical data and analysis on proof shows.

I couldn't agree more that the new Firefox Browser drive is more superior than what Google Chrome can offer for its users now that I saw the actual data and analysis with concrete information.


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