Tuesday, September 09, 2008

2 Years Back I Crafted Myself and My Destiny

Secrets never get revealed so you have to follow where your instincts lead you. As a SEO, I never believed in so many things until I met my old blog that used to discuss all about myself and my destiny. Now the question is answered. I am here in the world of SEO. I entered and followed the white rabbit and now I am able to answer all neo questions. That is why finally and there is no secret because I now know. I now know that I can be what I want to be with no hesitation and no doubt and most of all no job.

No job because I don't work for the greedy people who masks the world with their pretencious masquerade of luring people into their chair of nothingness. I have escaped and I have more on my face right now. More on everything from time to family to money to work (not just a job) to people and chances and opportunities. They all seem to pour and rain like cats and dogs. One by one it all comes back to me now. There is now no secret for me, just things that I didn't get introduced to.

There really is a lot out there and there is an abundance of everything and I have proven it so just because I personally saw it all coming one by one. I do not know why or how but because I know that they all will come and so they all came to me. Everything is now falling into pieces for me and for everything I ever wanted. I know that it's not too late. I can still cherish all of it here in this lifetime because I know that there is an abundance of it all not just yet introduced to me but I know and I really know that there is more.

I am an SEO and a link builder who knows things now. 4 years, yes it took me that long but I am here and I want to thank my brother for introducing me to SEO and this life that I now have. He is my mentor. I have a lot to learn but what's important is that I am here and I know that I am growing each day and I owe it to him and to myself. I have struggled and urged myself because I know.


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