Monday, September 22, 2008

After a $75 Million Buy: e-Bay Decides to Sell StumbleUpon

I read from the blog by Joe today that according to TechCruch, StumbleUpon is now for sale by e-Bay. Well what do you know? It really has been a very long time that I have been done and over with social media sites because I never even knew that StumbleUpon was bought by e-Bay a long time ago.

Now, after learning that it is for sale by e-Bay, I wonder how much will it be for the biggest e-commerce selling site today? I actually commented this on the Duck's Blog asking if maybe the big "G" has offered to take over it. I guess not after Digg which we all know is proven to have shared powers on Google indexing.

So that's why StumbleUpon since was gone in the results and I would not wonder about that because of the latter relationship that Google has been up to with StumbleUpon owner, e-Bay lately. This is really going to be yet another interesting drama on social media sale of SU. If it is bought at $75 M, then how much could it be for sale now?


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