Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wordpress Opens their Door to Theme Upload

Hey guys out there who still have their Wordpress skins and themes, Wordpress just announced this month, July 18th that they will now be accepting your themes to be featured for download in their backyard.

So if you are one of those who have a previous design that you think has all that needs to get the interest of Wordpress platform users, then this is your time to make that upload. You can do that here. Or you can go to the upload page here if you are interested.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Digging Deeper and Seeing the Invisible Pages - A New SEO Tool for Big Sites

SEOmoz just this July, 2008 revealed an exciting new adventure about how you can dig deeper into Google's index and getting the unseen results using some combination tactics on url parameters .

This is if you are familiar with the simple indexed page commands inurl:*command and site:command. Now I didn't really know how the guys out there got in with this new tactic or if this came solely from a playful mind's experience but for what it's worth, a lot of the webmaster population will surely be happy that there is a new way to see the invisible indexed pages of a site especially those sites that have literally 10's of thousands of pages indexed by the big Google.

Read more of SEOmoz's expalanation here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mozilla Receives Guinness Book of World Records Certificate

I read just today at Mozilla's Blog that they received a Guinness Book of World Records certificate. This certificate is issued to Mozilla awarding the excellent services of the previously activist renowned team of having the largest number of software downloads in 24 hours.

This is how it reads with respect to the time period covered regarding the reward by Guinness at the official Mozilla blog -- "From 18:16 UTC on June 17, 2008 to 18:16 UTC on June 18, 2008, 8,002,530 people downloaded Firefox 3."

You can read the full story of the official announcement hereand you can follow the tweets of the declaration and the awarding picture here.CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Combining Optimized Keywords with Organic Search Keywords

This is actually where both ends meet and it can be rewarding sometimes to use and combine the use of organic search keywords and optimized keywords. Now what do I mean by that?

Simple, just use words that you have generated technically from the keywords generation tool that you are using with the organic search keywords that the usual or the ordinary surfer in the internet would most likely use in searching for information. This way it can both a rewarding experience for the webmaster in terms of SEO and for the user in his/her search experience.

Now allow me to make a clear manifestation of what is defined here as organic search keywords and optimized keywords so we could all see the perfect difference each has. I'm sure that everyone here is already familiar with the keywords that are optimized for use in a SEO campaign for any client webpage or website. These are what I call as optimized keywords.

Optimized keywords are derived with the use of keyword generation tools such as the Google Keyword Tool. These types of words are what most webmasters would usually refer to as the technical terms or keywords or keyphrases. To arrive at these types of terms, one must oblige using any type of keyword generation tool such as what I have mentioned above.

On the other hand, the organic search keywords are what I'd like to personally call as those words, that are usually typed by the ordinary internet surfers. These types of words are pretty easy to see and know because we have been once an ordinary surfer in our life before we all got into SEO and so this must be one of the easiest words to distinguish from optimized keywords.

Although by nature, we all know that date gathered using some keyword tool are actually those types of words that most internet users would type in the search box, there is actually a slight difference from these keywords to the actual organic search keywords or keyphrases that we usually don't take time knowing in a campaign optimization

My point is, even if the optimized keywords or keyphrases are those actual ones that a user(an ordinary internet surfer) would type in the search box, there are words that we do not put emphasis on when an ordinary user would type in the search box. for example, if you are in a niche where the target keyword would be SEO.

This one word might include in its listings of optimized keywords or keyphrases words or string of words such as optimization, seo company, seo services, seo tools, seo book seo marketing and so on ( based on the results in Google Keyword Tool) but on the other hand, for example, if an ordinary business owner would be looking for SEO services, he/she might want to type in the search box and go looking for SEO people, qualified SEO, out of country SEO, single SEO company and so on.

These words or string of words might not just be the type of keywords that you will optimize for but when someone searches for these keywords, they will most likely find someone who happens to accidentally put a word like the words above in a content making him/her appear in the results on top over the others.

These types of words might not have as much visits as those that are highly optimized for a SEO campaign but it wouldn't hurt you if you use these words once in a while along the optimization process because in the end, even if this keywords have only 1 visit a month and that person would most likely be a potential customer, that will yield in 1 sure client for you...Imagine having as much as a thousand of these pages with only you competing for it?

Wow! that was one hell of a sure traffic and if you have 5,000 pages having all those possibilities of appearing in those odd words and phrases, imagine how much traffic would that be in a month? Can you really see my point here?

Well, if not, i guess there's nothing I can do about that but for me, it's been a daily doze of that each day and it works for me having 5o websites all using a technique that does not hurt you being an SEO but helps you earn a little more visit each day of your life sitting in front of your computer without you knowing it...That's what I call as traffic trends

Saturday, July 19, 2008

SEO Services

Assessment and Consultation

Our SEO services would include strict initial assessment and consultation on target points and monthly phasing and division of services from onpage SEO, offpage SEO, content management, link building and search engine placement estimates based on current overall web status of client websites.

Linking Structure and Internal Linking Analysis

First, we don't accept website with weak onpage optimization so this has to be a major consideration before any other job of sculpting the site offpage elements via offpage SEO. Link structure analysis and linking strength in home page and other major pages are the most important aspects of a website.

This is prime factor in achieving ranking in the search engines that have changed their preferences according to the aim to serve user-friendly web pages. Here, your website/s will undertake a comprehensive overall analysis from title tags, keyword targeting, link anchor texts, link placement and the most important which is the link structure of your site.

Keyword Analysis

Even if we make initial analysis on the anchor text and title tags and other important keyword matters in the first 2 SEO-based service, we intend to make a comprehensive analysis of your keyword in every part of the SEO process that we will be undertaking. Keyword prominence and density are 2 of the best considerations on this part. We measure the current status of your keyword density and prominence and from there we will start our baseline and get tot he actual process of generating a perfect keyword campaign for your web pages.

Offpage and Onpage Link Analysis

Your website's current offpage status may be measured from the links it has and the various diverse pages that it links to. If deemed necessary, in this part of the SEO service, we will have to make a lot of useful changes with and sometimes drastic modifications if needed be because a healthy out bound link and a strong internal linking heirarchy is very important.

The home page should only link to the major pages and the sub major pages to the next sub major pages so determining which is which is one of the biggest workloads in this step but is also very important prior to any move for offpage optimization via the actual link building process.

Link Buidling

Link building is where the extra strength of a webpage lies because it is the foundation of all websites, Without a strong link structure outside of the organic website, all else might not have its strength when the search engine updates happen. That's what we don't want to happen to our pages.

This is where everything else will rely after all the hard work is done from keywords to onpage SEO. Link building will be responsible for maintaining a high rank in the results especially if it is combines with a strong onpage campaign and SEO implementation. If it's a house we're working on, link building is the foundation.

This is easy to do but is the most critical and sensitive part of the overall SEO campaign. It has been proven again and again through time that a strong webpage onpage SEO without the proper attitude and perfect implementation of link building techniques, a website will fail to get to the top of the competition and stand out. If all else fails in link building, you loose the race so it is to be handled only by qualified link builders and not just your ordinary link directory and blog comment makers. We handle our own set of professionals in this field duly trained and managed.

After the onpage SEO is done, the link building campaign will be the one responsible for maintaining the rankings and/or propelling the webpage on top over your competition so this is a very important part of the overall SEO service and this is where we capitalize in doing best for clients.

Note: this is a copyrighted and protected by law intellectual material and those who intend to copy any of the string of words we have here will most likely end up having nightmares of prosecution.

Get The New Firefox Update

Just a few weeks ago, Firefox released their browser update and I must admit it is one of the biggest updated I've ever seen including Wordpress 2.5. Yesterday is yet another day as another Firefox update was released and this new update contained a few fix and start up additional and I'm sure that you all will love it.

BTW, Wordpress also just released their new update to 2.6 and you are all welcome to make your change now. Updates, updates, updates, everyone seem crazy over evolution and the only people whom I see are quiet these days are the men in the hood. What could have happened to them since the big Google slap? Any news from your party guys?

Reaching a Lens Rank to # 31 is Nothing Big

Yes, it's nothing big reaching as the top # 31 lens in squidoo over all and in top # 439 overall in the business category...It's the best feeling knowing that I made the lens just a day ago only and it reached a thousand visitors just overnight. This must be something really big and I could imagine how Seth Godin felt when he saw my business lens just above his very own.

Yes! oh how it feels to see me on top of him and this is probably just because I did something good to is. I felt there was really nothing special about my lens but I'm must be good with the help of an angel in my brother's persona. He helped me drive traffic to the lens numbering up to 1, 269 just overnight. Can you imagine that?

I had a screenshot of my name just above Seth's own lens but the client whom I did it for didn't allow me to reveal her niche, a competitive one that is geo-targeted in another country. The angel who helped me is one of the best search engine marketing (SEM) guru here in the Philippines. Thanks.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Possibilities of Winning is High but Efforts are Lacking

Everyone must be cautious of what to do next with respect to their entries to the Busby SEO Challenge. the thing is that even if this is the case, many of us are hoping that our entries will reach the top position merely by posting on a regular basis and building links the way it is done in the old days.

Well, I tell you that it doesn't work that way anymore. It's been proven now and again that in a contest, then enemies are not just the competitors but also those who know how to do dirty things. I am not saying that there are people who are employing deeds that are beyond what is and was allowed but I'm pretty sure that there will be more to this challenge as there have been in the previous SEO contests that happened.

What I am really trying to say is that if you are one of those who don't play fair in this SEO contest, you better refrain from doing those tactics that are not allowed. go with the rules and go with what you know will take you to the top without felling any guilt and worries that you will win because you are using behind the bars tactics.

You know who you are so you better be careful and you know very well how it pays to do things bad to others.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Who Knows How To Use Twitter?

Calling those of you who know how to use Twitter. Yes, this is a call for those who really know how it is done. I've seen how it can drive interesting amount of traffic especially if you know how to play with the short service of Twitter but this time, I wouldn't yet know. Seems to busy with things and stuff that has brought me my bread of the day.

One day I was surprised that too many people have been following me on twitter since I became an active poster on the said social networking site. They all seem to see interest in my doing. Tried to find out why but to my surprise, a friend told me that per se, Twitter is useless because first and foremost, it's links are in "nofollow", second, who would give an interest in such a short post there?

So I said to myself, who the hell then would get any interest in the short nothings that I post in there. But how come that people are following me these days when I started posting in it? That is the question. Well, I just hope that they have Alexa installed in their browser so everytime they visit my Twitter page and follow whatever short nothings I put there, I get to increase my monthly traffic. so what are you waiting for? come and follow me...Just curious.

Element of Surprise on Google's Algorithm Over SEOs

The Unbeatable Google Algorithm

SEOs have always based their effort of implementing promotion for clients and personal sites based primarily in how Google implements their own version of the Google algorithm, just like Yahoo and MSN does. They all have different baseline in their algorithmic movement in ranking sites.

This is something that is inevitable especially if you are stagnant over your SEO effort for a webpage you are doing SEO with or promotion with. The secret of Google's algoritm strength lies in a single instrument which happens to be the same as in a "WAR in Busby SEO Challenge". That, my friend lies in the element of surprise.

The Element of Surprise

Over the years and even in the oldest history books and today's battles fought, it is always the element of surprise that helps Google maintain where it is right now.

Without this instrument usually used in a war just like in the Busby SEO Challenge keyword competition, Google will not be Google and they will not get any interest in all SEO efforts and all marketing possibilities. Put simply, without the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. Google will not be Google and SEOs will not be SEOs.

So What's the Secret Recipe?

Sad to say, there were many claims for many of us that we found the secret recipe for rankings and search engine trust but truth is, no one will ever decipher a secret that is not really a secret at all. A what a great SEO once told, "There is no secret recipe for ranking high in the results, it is always there and you just don't know it yet".

I myself have claimed so many times that I know this and know that but eventually, I kept on searching each day of my life in the internet what is good and what is bad for Google just to get a share of the pie in terms of traffic and conversions.

What about you? What are you really up to today with your Busby SEO Challenge entries?

Loosing Grip Over Busy Work Schedule

Nobody in my team ever expected that workload will pour down on us this month. We never expected that this will have us torn between wanting to win in the Busby SEO Challenge contest and taking care of clients. Of course it is always clients that come first before anything else and that, I believe is what you will do if you were in my team's shoes.

This is really making us reel sending us in extreme pain over loosing grip over busy work schedule not being able to give enough time for the Busby SEO Challenge contest that we joined. I personally feel that I want to make things easier by quitting but something inside me tells me that this one blog that I am working on will make it to the top of the results sometime in the middle of August so I will make sure that each day, I will work on it, leaving work for a while each day to make short efforts.

This has never happened to me before but since I am right now here in this situation, I'd rather take the challenge and go for it all the way but with less aggressive link building on the entry. Here goes something.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friends Compete and Join the Busby SEO Challenge

The Busby SEO Contest has brought in one niche many webmasters all over the world and this is something that we cannot avoid when we are talking about a contest. We have to see when to unite as one and so this is a call to all Filipinos out there to join in one big blast to help each other in any form you know would affect the SEO challenge rankings.

This can have a great effect, I know and this will push other entries to the top of the SERP. That is exactly what we all want and I am personally working on it to see the effects of this effort. I am hoping that making this will help a little if not big in pushing other entries to the top of the results in a matter of days or a week so here goes.

This effort hopes to give a good go for us so let's join and push each other up with the use of unity in a Mao Tze Tung way. Conquer the mountains and you conquer the City. The direction of the steps and effort will come from where there is weakness and eventually, we will take the Busby SEO Challenge in a different approach.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Curing the Disease in Google's Algorithm

So how do you really cure a disease? According to doctors, you take a rest, you take a medicine and you take what you are supposed to take in your body so this disease get's cured. What about Google's algorithm? How do we (webmasters) really cure them? Who's the doctor? Matt Cutts? He is an engineer so how can he be the doctor that will help us cure the disease in Google's algorithm?

Nah, so many questions yet the answers are so few (this is popular cut from a song in my country) and I'm sure Matt is not the answer. It's the Googleplex who holds it and everyone in there. I wonder how they treat their own site back there? Do all of them working in there like Mr. Matt have high PR sites? I mean those people who were there since. I understand, it could have been that a person I knew in my first blogging experience, the good man himself shmula knowing how things are when Google wants a person for its Plex to work with them. Shmula in his interview report reveals an interesting insight about Google. I adored his blog and his insights all the time that I have been reading all his notes since without even understanding about rubies on rails and so on because I was naive back then but I found no time since 4 years ago after I decided to take the turn and learn more than just blogging but go for the big flood Google and hope to be there when the sun shines.

Today I was surprised to find the site now filled with a lot of Amazon stuff and I don't see the old feel anymore. That feeling of somehow you can relate without even understanding because his stories were really interesting and very personal but in a techie aura. Sorry for this, Mr. Pete, I just am so surprised to find that you got in there so much space for Amazon than for your good content. I will always miss that, now that I know I can understand a little of what you have been discussing. You could have been inflicted with the algorithm disease in Google, making people change the way they are a few years back. Do traffic and opportunity really change people and their insights today?

I wonder what's in the mind of those who are in to the same situation. I wonder how shoemoney would feel If I said that his logo doesn't ring a bell anymore. That I doubt it if he still has the skills to pay the bills. And where's the little bald guy anyway?

Did he got fired after the rain? Well, just a thought anyway and never mind this playful mind of mine, just some curiosity and some irrelevant opinion from an ordinary blogger in the SEO arena.

Well, indeed, different people with different diseases today. Some people do really change overnight and some would take years to get it done and wake up according to what Google want them to take the algorithm (not of the results bu of the facts of life).

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Site Prominence via Link Structure Optimization

I looked it up in the results today and was surprised that although I found so many stuff and things about link structure telling of many wonders that it could bring for a site's campaign to gain search engine trust and site prominence, nobody seem to bother here in my country to talk about the subject matter.

I guess everybody thought they know everything about links and link structure when in truth, nobody does. I can't really blame them for having that point of view. The reason is because most of us here, SEOs and bloggers and search engine marketing professionals thought that it comes naturally with our job for clients and for our personal sites.

Busy to see through how artificial link structure can actually drag a site to become prominent in its niche or bring it up the results pages for its strength (artificially).

Although many of us here believe this is so, I intend to find out more about linking structure based on what the authorities say about it. also because "I believe that in the new Google generation of link builders, the best way to be the best on the line is to understand what brings links to become authority links." I believe that links and link structure of a website is not just what they are when we look at them in the sidebars.

They have to have meaning and I want to be the first one to find out about it amongst here in my country using my very own experience and little experiments with the help of personal resources and an observant character.

It is always a good vibe for me to be a very observant person and whatever I find out about the search engines, I make sure that it comes with proof so that I can use it immediately for my works and for my clients in link building and SEO.

I want this trademark of mine be mine alone and whoever knows about it or if ever anyone else knows about it, I want to be the first to have it discussed. I Just labeled myself the other day upon changing my LinkedIn profile details and would you believe that even before I discovered that a lot of people from outside the Philippines have been discussing about link structure, I was there the other day naming my top profile as a Link Structure Optimization Professional?

So everybody thought that links are just links and they will only have an authority if they come from an authority site which by essence will have to come from a high PR site. While that's the way it is for many or it may be all that links are here in my country, I am sitting here in front of my computer thinking that links are links and they have to have a more than just their meaning for a website other than leading people to where we want them to go in the most proper and most easy to understand anchor text to use in them.

Links for me are the holy grail and the key in getting all that's there is from rankings, to keyword prominence to a site becoming an authority site to a site becoming more of a user-friendly site and eventually, dictating what it wants for the search engines to abide.

Links will give way to everything attainable because they are the core of a webpage in making things possible, all cases, including onpage or offpage links. For me, links are links and they will be the only one left in the world of SEO and SEM in dictating a tempo that the search engines cannot refuse to yield in. Links will make any site an authority site and so my labeling of myself as a Link Structure Optimization Professional is and must have been the first here in the Philippines.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Life in the Link Building Field of an SEO Father

I remember in the early days of my link building career and SEO that it is really very hard to get links for a site, be it a client or not because in the early days, it is also harder to get the trust of sites that you can link to.

Today, it's a little bit different because link building became even easier with the introduction of social media sites and other social networking sites. Link building became a different character just like the cartoons that I used to watch way back in the early years of my childhood. Popeye the Sailor man and Bugs Bunny.

Now, link building became even more challenging and very prone to some who intends to abuse sites that we can get links to. This is a sign that we are near the end of the line with respect to SEO and search engine marketing. We really have come a very long way and we would rather go out and play in our spare time because we don't have to worry running out of site that we can get links from.

I had a great time with the way Google has been doing with its call to combat spamming and link building methods by those guys in the hood. I never thought Google indeed could come up with such a technology, so simple yet so effective that link builder do not have to anywhere and do unnecessary things just to get links pointed to website.

I feel great today and i feel like this is my time to do it right and do it good for the clients that I have while working at home and seeing how a daughter grow with school works.

we also never had problems with our internet connection because from a dial up we now have DSL which is much cheaper and much convenient in terms of making work easier using the internet. Finally, I am over it and i am over everything and in a new challenge in my link building career.

Now I just have to see through and see to it that I get all the love for my family and at the same time earn from staying home in front of my PC.

Right now, as an SEO and a professional link builder, I am working on a site's link structure and trying to study the way search engines behave with respect to being a great link builder and someday one of the best in the industry.

I am looking in to how to achieve good linking habits and good link structure onpage and offpage of a website or webpage. I will be providing here in time about my findings about this new career as a Link Structure Optimization Professional.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Link Building and SEO in the New Google

Since the newest update of Google that included the Google slap just this year, nothing has ever been the same, especially in link building. Somehow I felt that the battle is little by little getting fair especially for those who do not know how to generate a thousand pages in minutes using some script or so to deceive Google and other search engines about the number of links a page has.

In the early years, I must admit it has never been this fragile unlike today, spamming via link building is not that much favored anymore. Google finally learned to lessen link spamming done by creating the thousand pages and pointing those pages via a link to a web page scheme.

The question is, did the guys in the hood took their time to update their technology too? Were they able to cope up with the technology that Google slapped with the coming of the new link building rule (just an opinion)?

Generally speaking, there really is no rule, I remember a friend, a link builder by profession and a good SEO, Mito Pontillas told me about the branding thing while we were talking about link building. If he noticed it or heard it or read it from somewhere else, I do not know, all I know is that before he told me about it on our short chat, I made a post of my own telling about some vision in the form of a seemingly questioning remark, "When We Won't Need Link Building Anymore", where I talked about not needing to build links to our websites anymore. Well, What if it will come?

Where does it all lead us and where do link builders like me and my team at home get jobs. I'll won't cross the bridge when I get there. I'll maybe take a turn or use the boat to get there. Of course there will be diverse openings when that comes,,,if it ever will.

Ok. So much for the vision, they might distract some of you so here is the real juice. Putting RSS in your website doesn't work anymore unlike in the early days where a number of 50 or a 100 will propel you to the top. Not anymore!! and I'm glad. Just some extra's for your information.

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