Monday, July 07, 2008

Life in the Link Building Field of an SEO Father

I remember in the early days of my link building career and SEO that it is really very hard to get links for a site, be it a client or not because in the early days, it is also harder to get the trust of sites that you can link to.

Today, it's a little bit different because link building became even easier with the introduction of social media sites and other social networking sites. Link building became a different character just like the cartoons that I used to watch way back in the early years of my childhood. Popeye the Sailor man and Bugs Bunny.

Now, link building became even more challenging and very prone to some who intends to abuse sites that we can get links to. This is a sign that we are near the end of the line with respect to SEO and search engine marketing. We really have come a very long way and we would rather go out and play in our spare time because we don't have to worry running out of site that we can get links from.

I had a great time with the way Google has been doing with its call to combat spamming and link building methods by those guys in the hood. I never thought Google indeed could come up with such a technology, so simple yet so effective that link builder do not have to anywhere and do unnecessary things just to get links pointed to website.

I feel great today and i feel like this is my time to do it right and do it good for the clients that I have while working at home and seeing how a daughter grow with school works.

we also never had problems with our internet connection because from a dial up we now have DSL which is much cheaper and much convenient in terms of making work easier using the internet. Finally, I am over it and i am over everything and in a new challenge in my link building career.

Now I just have to see through and see to it that I get all the love for my family and at the same time earn from staying home in front of my PC.

Right now, as an SEO and a professional link builder, I am working on a site's link structure and trying to study the way search engines behave with respect to being a great link builder and someday one of the best in the industry.

I am looking in to how to achieve good linking habits and good link structure onpage and offpage of a website or webpage. I will be providing here in time about my findings about this new career as a Link Structure Optimization Professional.


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