Sunday, July 06, 2008

Link Building and SEO in the New Google

Since the newest update of Google that included the Google slap just this year, nothing has ever been the same, especially in link building. Somehow I felt that the battle is little by little getting fair especially for those who do not know how to generate a thousand pages in minutes using some script or so to deceive Google and other search engines about the number of links a page has.

In the early years, I must admit it has never been this fragile unlike today, spamming via link building is not that much favored anymore. Google finally learned to lessen link spamming done by creating the thousand pages and pointing those pages via a link to a web page scheme.

The question is, did the guys in the hood took their time to update their technology too? Were they able to cope up with the technology that Google slapped with the coming of the new link building rule (just an opinion)?

Generally speaking, there really is no rule, I remember a friend, a link builder by profession and a good SEO, Mito Pontillas told me about the branding thing while we were talking about link building. If he noticed it or heard it or read it from somewhere else, I do not know, all I know is that before he told me about it on our short chat, I made a post of my own telling about some vision in the form of a seemingly questioning remark, "When We Won't Need Link Building Anymore", where I talked about not needing to build links to our websites anymore. Well, What if it will come?

Where does it all lead us and where do link builders like me and my team at home get jobs. I'll won't cross the bridge when I get there. I'll maybe take a turn or use the boat to get there. Of course there will be diverse openings when that comes,,,if it ever will.

Ok. So much for the vision, they might distract some of you so here is the real juice. Putting RSS in your website doesn't work anymore unlike in the early days where a number of 50 or a 100 will propel you to the top. Not anymore!! and I'm glad. Just some extra's for your information.


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