Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Site Prominence via Link Structure Optimization

I looked it up in the results today and was surprised that although I found so many stuff and things about link structure telling of many wonders that it could bring for a site's campaign to gain search engine trust and site prominence, nobody seem to bother here in my country to talk about the subject matter.

I guess everybody thought they know everything about links and link structure when in truth, nobody does. I can't really blame them for having that point of view. The reason is because most of us here, SEOs and bloggers and search engine marketing professionals thought that it comes naturally with our job for clients and for our personal sites.

Busy to see through how artificial link structure can actually drag a site to become prominent in its niche or bring it up the results pages for its strength (artificially).

Although many of us here believe this is so, I intend to find out more about linking structure based on what the authorities say about it. also because "I believe that in the new Google generation of link builders, the best way to be the best on the line is to understand what brings links to become authority links." I believe that links and link structure of a website is not just what they are when we look at them in the sidebars.

They have to have meaning and I want to be the first one to find out about it amongst here in my country using my very own experience and little experiments with the help of personal resources and an observant character.

It is always a good vibe for me to be a very observant person and whatever I find out about the search engines, I make sure that it comes with proof so that I can use it immediately for my works and for my clients in link building and SEO.

I want this trademark of mine be mine alone and whoever knows about it or if ever anyone else knows about it, I want to be the first to have it discussed. I Just labeled myself the other day upon changing my LinkedIn profile details and would you believe that even before I discovered that a lot of people from outside the Philippines have been discussing about link structure, I was there the other day naming my top profile as a Link Structure Optimization Professional?

So everybody thought that links are just links and they will only have an authority if they come from an authority site which by essence will have to come from a high PR site. While that's the way it is for many or it may be all that links are here in my country, I am sitting here in front of my computer thinking that links are links and they have to have a more than just their meaning for a website other than leading people to where we want them to go in the most proper and most easy to understand anchor text to use in them.

Links for me are the holy grail and the key in getting all that's there is from rankings, to keyword prominence to a site becoming an authority site to a site becoming more of a user-friendly site and eventually, dictating what it wants for the search engines to abide.

Links will give way to everything attainable because they are the core of a webpage in making things possible, all cases, including onpage or offpage links. For me, links are links and they will be the only one left in the world of SEO and SEM in dictating a tempo that the search engines cannot refuse to yield in. Links will make any site an authority site and so my labeling of myself as a Link Structure Optimization Professional is and must have been the first here in the Philippines.


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