Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Curing the Disease in Google's Algorithm

So how do you really cure a disease? According to doctors, you take a rest, you take a medicine and you take what you are supposed to take in your body so this disease get's cured. What about Google's algorithm? How do we (webmasters) really cure them? Who's the doctor? Matt Cutts? He is an engineer so how can he be the doctor that will help us cure the disease in Google's algorithm?

Nah, so many questions yet the answers are so few (this is popular cut from a song in my country) and I'm sure Matt is not the answer. It's the Googleplex who holds it and everyone in there. I wonder how they treat their own site back there? Do all of them working in there like Mr. Matt have high PR sites? I mean those people who were there since. I understand, it could have been that a person I knew in my first blogging experience, the good man himself shmula knowing how things are when Google wants a person for its Plex to work with them. Shmula in his interview report reveals an interesting insight about Google. I adored his blog and his insights all the time that I have been reading all his notes since without even understanding about rubies on rails and so on because I was naive back then but I found no time since 4 years ago after I decided to take the turn and learn more than just blogging but go for the big flood Google and hope to be there when the sun shines.

Today I was surprised to find the site now filled with a lot of Amazon stuff and I don't see the old feel anymore. That feeling of somehow you can relate without even understanding because his stories were really interesting and very personal but in a techie aura. Sorry for this, Mr. Pete, I just am so surprised to find that you got in there so much space for Amazon than for your good content. I will always miss that, now that I know I can understand a little of what you have been discussing. You could have been inflicted with the algorithm disease in Google, making people change the way they are a few years back. Do traffic and opportunity really change people and their insights today?

I wonder what's in the mind of those who are in to the same situation. I wonder how shoemoney would feel If I said that his logo doesn't ring a bell anymore. That I doubt it if he still has the skills to pay the bills. And where's the little bald guy anyway?

Did he got fired after the rain? Well, just a thought anyway and never mind this playful mind of mine, just some curiosity and some irrelevant opinion from an ordinary blogger in the SEO arena.

Well, indeed, different people with different diseases today. Some people do really change overnight and some would take years to get it done and wake up according to what Google want them to take the algorithm (not of the results bu of the facts of life).


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