Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friends Compete and Join the Busby SEO Challenge

The Busby SEO Contest has brought in one niche many webmasters all over the world and this is something that we cannot avoid when we are talking about a contest. We have to see when to unite as one and so this is a call to all Filipinos out there to join in one big blast to help each other in any form you know would affect the SEO challenge rankings.

This can have a great effect, I know and this will push other entries to the top of the SERP. That is exactly what we all want and I am personally working on it to see the effects of this effort. I am hoping that making this will help a little if not big in pushing other entries to the top of the results in a matter of days or a week so here goes.

This effort hopes to give a good go for us so let's join and push each other up with the use of unity in a Mao Tze Tung way. Conquer the mountains and you conquer the City. The direction of the steps and effort will come from where there is weakness and eventually, we will take the Busby SEO Challenge in a different approach.


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