Monday, July 14, 2008

Loosing Grip Over Busy Work Schedule

Nobody in my team ever expected that workload will pour down on us this month. We never expected that this will have us torn between wanting to win in the Busby SEO Challenge contest and taking care of clients. Of course it is always clients that come first before anything else and that, I believe is what you will do if you were in my team's shoes.

This is really making us reel sending us in extreme pain over loosing grip over busy work schedule not being able to give enough time for the Busby SEO Challenge contest that we joined. I personally feel that I want to make things easier by quitting but something inside me tells me that this one blog that I am working on will make it to the top of the results sometime in the middle of August so I will make sure that each day, I will work on it, leaving work for a while each day to make short efforts.

This has never happened to me before but since I am right now here in this situation, I'd rather take the challenge and go for it all the way but with less aggressive link building on the entry. Here goes something.


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