Monday, July 14, 2008

Element of Surprise on Google's Algorithm Over SEOs

The Unbeatable Google Algorithm

SEOs have always based their effort of implementing promotion for clients and personal sites based primarily in how Google implements their own version of the Google algorithm, just like Yahoo and MSN does. They all have different baseline in their algorithmic movement in ranking sites.

This is something that is inevitable especially if you are stagnant over your SEO effort for a webpage you are doing SEO with or promotion with. The secret of Google's algoritm strength lies in a single instrument which happens to be the same as in a "WAR in Busby SEO Challenge". That, my friend lies in the element of surprise.

The Element of Surprise

Over the years and even in the oldest history books and today's battles fought, it is always the element of surprise that helps Google maintain where it is right now.

Without this instrument usually used in a war just like in the Busby SEO Challenge keyword competition, Google will not be Google and they will not get any interest in all SEO efforts and all marketing possibilities. Put simply, without the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. Google will not be Google and SEOs will not be SEOs.

So What's the Secret Recipe?

Sad to say, there were many claims for many of us that we found the secret recipe for rankings and search engine trust but truth is, no one will ever decipher a secret that is not really a secret at all. A what a great SEO once told, "There is no secret recipe for ranking high in the results, it is always there and you just don't know it yet".

I myself have claimed so many times that I know this and know that but eventually, I kept on searching each day of my life in the internet what is good and what is bad for Google just to get a share of the pie in terms of traffic and conversions.

What about you? What are you really up to today with your Busby SEO Challenge entries?


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