Monday, July 14, 2008

Who Knows How To Use Twitter?

Calling those of you who know how to use Twitter. Yes, this is a call for those who really know how it is done. I've seen how it can drive interesting amount of traffic especially if you know how to play with the short service of Twitter but this time, I wouldn't yet know. Seems to busy with things and stuff that has brought me my bread of the day.

One day I was surprised that too many people have been following me on twitter since I became an active poster on the said social networking site. They all seem to see interest in my doing. Tried to find out why but to my surprise, a friend told me that per se, Twitter is useless because first and foremost, it's links are in "nofollow", second, who would give an interest in such a short post there?

So I said to myself, who the hell then would get any interest in the short nothings that I post in there. But how come that people are following me these days when I started posting in it? That is the question. Well, I just hope that they have Alexa installed in their browser so everytime they visit my Twitter page and follow whatever short nothings I put there, I get to increase my monthly traffic. so what are you waiting for? come and follow me...Just curious.


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