Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Possibilities of Winning is High but Efforts are Lacking

Everyone must be cautious of what to do next with respect to their entries to the Busby SEO Challenge. the thing is that even if this is the case, many of us are hoping that our entries will reach the top position merely by posting on a regular basis and building links the way it is done in the old days.

Well, I tell you that it doesn't work that way anymore. It's been proven now and again that in a contest, then enemies are not just the competitors but also those who know how to do dirty things. I am not saying that there are people who are employing deeds that are beyond what is and was allowed but I'm pretty sure that there will be more to this challenge as there have been in the previous SEO contests that happened.

What I am really trying to say is that if you are one of those who don't play fair in this SEO contest, you better refrain from doing those tactics that are not allowed. go with the rules and go with what you know will take you to the top without felling any guilt and worries that you will win because you are using behind the bars tactics.

You know who you are so you better be careful and you know very well how it pays to do things bad to others.


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