Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reaching a Lens Rank to # 31 is Nothing Big

Yes, it's nothing big reaching as the top # 31 lens in squidoo over all and in top # 439 overall in the business category...It's the best feeling knowing that I made the lens just a day ago only and it reached a thousand visitors just overnight. This must be something really big and I could imagine how Seth Godin felt when he saw my business lens just above his very own.

Yes! oh how it feels to see me on top of him and this is probably just because I did something good to is. I felt there was really nothing special about my lens but I'm must be good with the help of an angel in my brother's persona. He helped me drive traffic to the lens numbering up to 1, 269 just overnight. Can you imagine that?

I had a screenshot of my name just above Seth's own lens but the client whom I did it for didn't allow me to reveal her niche, a competitive one that is geo-targeted in another country. The angel who helped me is one of the best search engine marketing (SEM) guru here in the Philippines. Thanks.


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