Sunday, July 20, 2008

Combining Optimized Keywords with Organic Search Keywords

This is actually where both ends meet and it can be rewarding sometimes to use and combine the use of organic search keywords and optimized keywords. Now what do I mean by that?

Simple, just use words that you have generated technically from the keywords generation tool that you are using with the organic search keywords that the usual or the ordinary surfer in the internet would most likely use in searching for information. This way it can both a rewarding experience for the webmaster in terms of SEO and for the user in his/her search experience.

Now allow me to make a clear manifestation of what is defined here as organic search keywords and optimized keywords so we could all see the perfect difference each has. I'm sure that everyone here is already familiar with the keywords that are optimized for use in a SEO campaign for any client webpage or website. These are what I call as optimized keywords.

Optimized keywords are derived with the use of keyword generation tools such as the Google Keyword Tool. These types of words are what most webmasters would usually refer to as the technical terms or keywords or keyphrases. To arrive at these types of terms, one must oblige using any type of keyword generation tool such as what I have mentioned above.

On the other hand, the organic search keywords are what I'd like to personally call as those words, that are usually typed by the ordinary internet surfers. These types of words are pretty easy to see and know because we have been once an ordinary surfer in our life before we all got into SEO and so this must be one of the easiest words to distinguish from optimized keywords.

Although by nature, we all know that date gathered using some keyword tool are actually those types of words that most internet users would type in the search box, there is actually a slight difference from these keywords to the actual organic search keywords or keyphrases that we usually don't take time knowing in a campaign optimization

My point is, even if the optimized keywords or keyphrases are those actual ones that a user(an ordinary internet surfer) would type in the search box, there are words that we do not put emphasis on when an ordinary user would type in the search box. for example, if you are in a niche where the target keyword would be SEO.

This one word might include in its listings of optimized keywords or keyphrases words or string of words such as optimization, seo company, seo services, seo tools, seo book seo marketing and so on ( based on the results in Google Keyword Tool) but on the other hand, for example, if an ordinary business owner would be looking for SEO services, he/she might want to type in the search box and go looking for SEO people, qualified SEO, out of country SEO, single SEO company and so on.

These words or string of words might not just be the type of keywords that you will optimize for but when someone searches for these keywords, they will most likely find someone who happens to accidentally put a word like the words above in a content making him/her appear in the results on top over the others.

These types of words might not have as much visits as those that are highly optimized for a SEO campaign but it wouldn't hurt you if you use these words once in a while along the optimization process because in the end, even if this keywords have only 1 visit a month and that person would most likely be a potential customer, that will yield in 1 sure client for you...Imagine having as much as a thousand of these pages with only you competing for it?

Wow! that was one hell of a sure traffic and if you have 5,000 pages having all those possibilities of appearing in those odd words and phrases, imagine how much traffic would that be in a month? Can you really see my point here?

Well, if not, i guess there's nothing I can do about that but for me, it's been a daily doze of that each day and it works for me having 5o websites all using a technique that does not hurt you being an SEO but helps you earn a little more visit each day of your life sitting in front of your computer without you knowing it...That's what I call as traffic trends


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