Saturday, July 19, 2008

SEO Services

Assessment and Consultation

Our SEO services would include strict initial assessment and consultation on target points and monthly phasing and division of services from onpage SEO, offpage SEO, content management, link building and search engine placement estimates based on current overall web status of client websites.

Linking Structure and Internal Linking Analysis

First, we don't accept website with weak onpage optimization so this has to be a major consideration before any other job of sculpting the site offpage elements via offpage SEO. Link structure analysis and linking strength in home page and other major pages are the most important aspects of a website.

This is prime factor in achieving ranking in the search engines that have changed their preferences according to the aim to serve user-friendly web pages. Here, your website/s will undertake a comprehensive overall analysis from title tags, keyword targeting, link anchor texts, link placement and the most important which is the link structure of your site.

Keyword Analysis

Even if we make initial analysis on the anchor text and title tags and other important keyword matters in the first 2 SEO-based service, we intend to make a comprehensive analysis of your keyword in every part of the SEO process that we will be undertaking. Keyword prominence and density are 2 of the best considerations on this part. We measure the current status of your keyword density and prominence and from there we will start our baseline and get tot he actual process of generating a perfect keyword campaign for your web pages.

Offpage and Onpage Link Analysis

Your website's current offpage status may be measured from the links it has and the various diverse pages that it links to. If deemed necessary, in this part of the SEO service, we will have to make a lot of useful changes with and sometimes drastic modifications if needed be because a healthy out bound link and a strong internal linking heirarchy is very important.

The home page should only link to the major pages and the sub major pages to the next sub major pages so determining which is which is one of the biggest workloads in this step but is also very important prior to any move for offpage optimization via the actual link building process.

Link Buidling

Link building is where the extra strength of a webpage lies because it is the foundation of all websites, Without a strong link structure outside of the organic website, all else might not have its strength when the search engine updates happen. That's what we don't want to happen to our pages.

This is where everything else will rely after all the hard work is done from keywords to onpage SEO. Link building will be responsible for maintaining a high rank in the results especially if it is combines with a strong onpage campaign and SEO implementation. If it's a house we're working on, link building is the foundation.

This is easy to do but is the most critical and sensitive part of the overall SEO campaign. It has been proven again and again through time that a strong webpage onpage SEO without the proper attitude and perfect implementation of link building techniques, a website will fail to get to the top of the competition and stand out. If all else fails in link building, you loose the race so it is to be handled only by qualified link builders and not just your ordinary link directory and blog comment makers. We handle our own set of professionals in this field duly trained and managed.

After the onpage SEO is done, the link building campaign will be the one responsible for maintaining the rankings and/or propelling the webpage on top over your competition so this is a very important part of the overall SEO service and this is where we capitalize in doing best for clients.

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