Thursday, February 28, 2008

Remote DBA and SQL Solutions

If you are looking for top of the line Remote DBA tools, get it from SQL Solutions. Providing excellent database administration technology tools for a decade now, SQL solutions is synonymous to excellent service in data recoverability, integrity, security, uptime, performance and utility in terms of efficient database utilization and with respect to development and testing support.

Take hold of their specialized consulting services particularly intended for Microsoft SQL Server platform for a maximum business investment return at minimum costs.

Help your online business grow and take the path to be assured of top performance database system handling in a 24/7 all the time uptime availability of management processes. Hence, a continual online business management and operation equating to a higher return on investment, business prosperity and customer satisfaction while staying in lower chart peak in terms of overhead costs.

Remote DBA by SQL your one stop solution to the top of the line performance remote DBA tools for business management. Allow SQL solutions to guide you all the way and help you with resolving database performance problems that are important to be settled at once. Be able to optimize your database code for a perfect SQL server database system performance now.

Visit SQL solutions for that effective database management!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Merging the Titans

Titans in the search engineland is about to merge as rumor has it. It will take place in the biggest arena of the internet with a multi-billion $ 45 billion bid by Bill Gate's Microsoft to Yahoo.

This will be the biggest merger of the century to battle it out with Google, the leading search engine in the land. This rumored merger is expected to soon take place and has actually formed the Yicrosoft Directory.

Coming soon! The merging of two Titans in the search engineland, Yahoo and Microsoft. Stay tuned to this hype as the revelation shocks the world wide web of webamsters in the universe to form Yicrosoft Directory.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Poison Words in Link Building and SEO

Points to Consider in SEOing a Webpage

These are just some points to consider when you want to know how much of SEO to use when you are optimizing a webpage or a website. There are a few mixed and unsure guides that you can follow in order to tell that you are in the right track.

I must admit that the best tactic in optimizing a webpage is to let it be. Sometimes being a little too aggressive can lead to penalties by search engines and this is because we don't give space for them to breathe.

Little troubles that we experience, we tend to over react making us a little too aggressive and this can actually lead us to the worst case scenario which is falling under the past pages of the SERPs. As what one great SEO (Aaron Wall) once told in his book (SEOBook) "One of the greatest SEO techniques is knowing when to do nothing at all."

Now what would this mean? This applies to most of us in the search engine world because the first tendency for some of us when we get out of nowhere in the SERPs today when we are still up on top the day before.

Most SEOs would tend to over react so that sometimes we change so much of what should be left untouched of our webpage because of the simple fact that search engines do really have to go on leave sometimes by implementing drastic changes in their index.

This may result in another sort of an effect of a penalty which you can no longer track at any cost because of a simple mistake of reacting so drastically to a simple search engine algorithm.

Link Building and Poison Words

Poison words in link building may be considered as simply those words that we use in our webpage to gain interest from our readers and visitors. A webpage by the way is that which should serve to the needs of the users instead of the search engines. This is the natural flow of content and web page optimization.

Lately, some common mistakes would involve us as webmasters to take advantage of our popularity rankings via PR or Page Rank advantage. Most SEO in todays search engine world are involved in selling links and buying links at the same time in order to gain advantage and one of the most popular text link buying and selling services is TLA (text link ads).

The opening of 2008 saw what the big Google can do to impose a hard rule over webmasters and website owners who are caught selling or buying links to gain advantage over rankings in the SERPs and over their competition.

Google imposed the penalty that long had been roaming around and there is no one left without a slap when they discovered about such poison words in link building and SEO like advertise, sell links, buy links and other common words used to approve that you are either in to selling or buying links. All but no one was spared by Google and there is nothing we can do now with what had been done.

Lately, SEOs and webmasters discovered that there is still life after being penalized and PR taken stead fast from their websites. Simply remove suspicious words that may be relevant to selling links or buying links.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Perfect Web Hosting Pal and Service

Web Hosting is a prime need for every website and online business in order to be indexed by search engines and appear in the search results by people looking for particular information. An amazing web hosting plan is that which will cater to your hosting needs from bandwidth allocation to free e-mail and will always make your business available to viewers and consumers in a 24/7 basis uptime. This is what you may call as your Web Hosting Pal.

A friendly web hosting service is that which is able to give you the advantage over your business competitors in terms of uptime and bandwidth allocation. This is what usually determines how great a service is. For most people, webmasters and online business/merchant website owners looking for such service, budget is secondary to needs over hosting power and capabilities because a day lost in being available for search in the search engine results is equivalent to a ton of investment loss also.

So the basic idea is to have a web hosting plan that will get you to viewers in a 24/7 basis up all the time as much as possible. If you are looking for the right web hosting plan, Web Hosting Pal is perfect for you because no matter what or how tight your budget is, they will make one available for you. One that's perfectly fit for your specific web hosting needs, you can surely find at

If you are looking for the perfect web hosting pal, come over to and they will surely give you what you need as they have a whole load of web hosting service available for comparison just perfectly for your specific need.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Google AdSense Video Units

The Google Video Units is actually another integration with the use of an Adsense account
and a YouTube account. It is all about putting video units otherwise called as the GoogleVideo Ads.

The Google Video Units is actually a very good alternative to other great ways of displaying ads with images called as the Image Ads by Google.

Steps in Implementing Adsense Video Units

* The first thing that you would be required to do to implement these video units is for you to log in to your AdSense account.
* After that, you should be able to click on the AdSense set up tab and you will see a new offer called as AdSense Video Units.
* Click on the video units link to see the full direction on implementing these video units
* Click on the box that says you agree with the terms and conditions. Then you will be taken to the YouTube sign up page to sign up or log in if you already have an account.
* Once you are logged in in YouTube, you will be led in form that needs you to fill in your AdSense publisher ID. This will merge your YouTube account with your AdSense account.
* You will be taken to AdSense player page afterwards and you will be required to click on the create AdSense player button. This will take you to a whole lot of options in building up your own customnized AdSense Player for your website.
* Fill in everything else that will be required of you from there like player name, description, theme and color which will allow to optimize the player itself in terms of title and description.
* Choose from the 3 types of layouts (mini, standard and large).
* The next process will probably be the most important. Since it is mostly that publishers choose content based Ads to appear, you can actually choose which basis you would like to have the displayed Ads on your site. This will allow Google and YouTube to analyze your content and then display ads that are targeted to be based in your content.
* Entering keywords in a box would help Google and YouTube better content based ads to appear in your website. You also have other options like automated Ads and more.
* You will be prompted to click on the generate code box afterwards and from there you will see the codes needed in order to display Google Video Units.
* The last step would be to copy and paste the given code in order to allow that Google AdSense video units to be displayed in your website.

Digging the Mark Jimenez Story

Mark Jimenez is totally an amazing person, far from what most people know about him. He is blessed with the will to help people and this is why I decided to make a good review of Mark Jimenez in Digg. I am experimenting on how this one will work for the 4 month old promotion of the profile of the controversial political figure.

Also to reveal the truth about how he has helped a lot of people in so many ways from sponsoring the biggest and most number of baptized babies in the Philippines.

This is by far the biggest celebration ever held in the history of the Philippine baptism. Mark Jimenez also did this with money spent on the grand occasion coming from his own purse which made him become more loved by the poor.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Professionalizing Affiliate Marketing Industry and Blog Monetizing in the Philippines

Most publishers encounter their own version of fluctuations in their AdSense earnings and these may be attributed to many factors recently happening in the web. Most of us wonder how and why these fluctuations happen especially for those who do not know how to make use of Google analytics to interpret data and make a little bit more of a critical and yet accurate analysis why such things happen today, understanding it is necessary.

First of all I would like to make a special mention that Google analytics itself helped me analyze data that can be gathered by simply implementing codes in a website and let Google track down different information with which they base their Google analytics report that are made available to webmasters who sign up for an account like me.

This is a very critical part of knowing why and how. If this is also what you see yourself understanding more of, then you can take a hike or two to visit some great sources for this type of knowledge in the internet but if you are the type who prefer talking to some experts there are in the SEM industry, then I would suggest that you try and seek for forums and seminar offers for this kind of information.

Everything else is a learning process that need to be part of our daily life in the internet both as a webmaster and as a responsible blogger or social media person and in professionalizing ourselves. Take this as part of our self development and an obligation that we cannot escape as we learn and earn from online affiliate marketing and blogging.

This is a very critical and important part of the analysis of why AdSense earnings experience fluctuations. To some bloggers who are already earning a decent living by the recent development of blog review websites that pay much for our daily lives, this may sound uninteresting but for those who are looking for other ways to professionalize more with regards to this type of business, then I'm pretty this is something worth more than just earning by blogging.

Why some people experience dilemma in understanding things and eventually make many webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers wonder why there are such things that happen will always be a mystery so long as we do not aim to professionalize ourselves with the issue of keeping ourselves updated and fully equipped with proper and qualified knowledge. Also since many of us use PPC and AdSense to earn a definite stream of income online.

Currently, there is an ongoing promotion here in the Philippines about Google Adsense Optimization and Affiliate Marketing Seminar with Make Money Online Sidestreams for Bloggers.

A seminar of such targets to professionalize the approach for online business today here in the Philippines and also to help people know more about how the online affiliate marketing can help businesses compete and at the same time earn from affiliate marketing and blogging. This also hopes to clear out cobwebs in our minds about affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and making money online especially through blogging.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The UKWW SEOContest2008

No, the title is not some misspelled word to phrase. It is what it is, which is about a contest that was probably one of the biggest that the SEO community has joined in to. I do not know anything about the contest and I don't know about the prizes that will be giving but a friend of mine has made an announcement the moment he asked me a favor. It was back a few days ago when a friend asked if I can Digg a story he submitted and to my surprise it was actually a story that tells about the newest SEO contest dubbed as SEOContest2008.

I Dugg the story and you can also see the details by visiting other blogs that joined the contest or the link itself that I Dugg. Well, all I can say is that good luck to all the participants especially to my friend Mito Pontillas. Good luck to you my friend. Today, I took a look at the results and Gary is again on top over the others. He is too industrious to beat but everything is still in its first surge so lets just play wait and see for a while.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aim for the Google Gift this 2009

Last year, Google did something nice to their top earners during holiday seasons. Guess what it is? It's a 2 GB USB Flash/Hard Drive that is shaped like a credit card and one of the first ones to get the gift is Chris Pirillo. Is this really true, I know Chris is known for his lockergnome for featuring such moneymaking schemes.

He is also known for his podcasts there and I'm lucky to have reached his YouTube release last week on making money online. Well, I might be lucky if he visits this website of mine because I linked to his, the way Ben Cook did just a few days ago.

well, he must have really made it big in his account and maybe tons of piles of Google checks have been arriving in his table each month to get what he got last holiday seasons. How about you, would you like to get one this 2009? Who knows, it could be you or me to be one of the firsts to receive something from the big G.

Big G!!! Here we go this year...

Care Home Professionals at Better Caring

We all will have our time in old age and when that happens, would you rather be taken cared of by a loved one or some professional in the Care Home business? If your choice is the second one, then what you will need is a service that you can rely on when old age comes inevitably but of course, you can always let a daughter or a son take care of you if you have one.

It is always best to know that you have someone to take care of you in the long run but in order to be sure that you won't look like jelly on the table, you must hire professionals to take care of your or your loved ones, that I think is the best choice for you.

If this is the case, you can always have someone to take care of you in a professional manner and without reservations whatsoever. They are the experts in Home care and nursing home solutions - BetterCaring.Com. With then you can always be sure that you will earn what you deserve when we are talking of nursing solutions and home care services. Reaching the stage of old age where you cannot be able to do what you have been doing all the time when you were still young is an inevitable process.

When you reach this age, it is always better to be prepared than to be sorry and I'm pretty sure that you can rely in the services being offered by because if you would just go and visit their website, you will find out about the sincerity in the service pointed to home care and nursing home because they do not only help people and families go over such a crisis in their lifetime but they also give free information about caring for your loved ones.

It is not just for the sick and elderly but also for people who may still be young but are suffering from sickness bound to be taken cared of with utmost importance. There are some sickness like rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, hypothermia, Parkinson’s disease, pneumonia, and stroke. These types of sickness need extra care and attention and this is where they come in for you, to serve and provide professional services related to this situation and case.

Making the right choices may be a hard task but it would make it even harder if you don't act at once. Take a professional service that's especially crafted to cure your worries and anxieties in looking for the best in the nursing home service. Visit now and learn all about better caring and how to make the right decision.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online Seminar 2008 Philippines

Nova Foundation for Differently Abled Persons Inc. is conducting a (1) day Make Money Online Seminar this 2008. This e-commerce seminar is directed to give impressive alternatives and other income resources with the use of internet marketing. This is also in response to the growing interest by young internet marketing industry professionals in the Philippine Online Business today to help them develop a useful financial value formation.

The resource speaker will be Jonathan Casuncad, a Search Engine Marketing Professional and a leading figure in the Philippine Search Engine Marketing Industry who has been helping people and companies take a leap at the Internet Marketing Business and generate income online. He has uplifted spirits of individuals in the filed of online website monetization programs like AdSense, Paid Blog Reviews, Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising and more. He has also conducted recently an
Internet Marketing Seminar in Hong Kong on the same nature.

All the participants are expected to understand the flow of income using the internet as a medium and to be able to fully understand how to earn and succeed in generating a decent income from internet marketing.

You can read more of the details here...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Most Awaited WordPress 2.3.3 is now Released

The release of the update of Wordpress is now out and available for those WP geeks out there. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yours updated now. I'm not much of a coding geek as I admit being way low on that side but at least here is a sure effort to spread the news.

The release includes an urgent security update so this has to be implemented at once. You can read more here and can make the download here.

Learning a Tip or Two on SEO and Life from Ben Cook

To some, Ben might be just another ordinary name that they could come by in a days hectic schedule in SEO life and as a webmaster. But this Ben that I am talking about gave me something in return for reading a few of his posts in his Blogging Experiment Blog.

This is not any form of a review but in hopes to shed some light to friends and SEO friends who are reading this blog, I might be able to help them the way I see Ben did me.

What good I learned is that you must have a target in any form or way on your achievements list. they do not have to be as vague as the SEO world that we live in but instead they have to be precise and concrete in any angle that we take a look at them. This gives us a clue and serves as a guiding light for our efforts and deeds for the day.

Our SEO Goals and How We Define Them

Our goals and how we define them and act to achieve them is very important for us so that it may serve as a guidance for us to see where we are and what we are doing in the long run at the end of the day, a week or a month if so preferred.

We all have to have a basis of how our efforts will lift our spirits and take us to glory. This at the end of the task will let us know that we did great. And nothing is better than knowing that we did great and we feel gratified of it.

Of course it is always important for every SEO to make a devotion to our work and to the community. I have spammed a few times and committed mistakes in the past but this does not mean that I cannot make myself what I wanted to be in the future. Ben Cook "taught me that if I make my goals clean the way I want it to be and my efforts clear the way I see it," nobody will take away the glory that I see I will be in, in the coming days of my life as a young SEO in the Philippines and in the world wide web.

The SEO Diet is Next

This may have no relation to you at all but to me, it meant a lot and I'd like to thank Ben Cook for it. I have known this all along but he served as a switch that triggered me to do things the way I want and see it doing good for me. You know what? I got into jogging again after maybe a year of stoppage.

I have long been wanting to get back and he gave me the go signal. This will be a regular basis from now on. The SEO diet comes next after a week or two of exercise and parasite cleansing.

Social Bookmarking and SEO in the Philippines

SEO and the Use of Social Bookmarks

SEO in the Philippines has never been the same since the different webmasters I know of who make a regular visit in the forums came to know about how social bookmarking sites give traffic to websites.

There was actually one forum thread at SEOPh that gave a very large list of social bookmarking sites for other members to enjoy and take a look and use them in all matters of SEO and blogging and traffic generation.

Social Bookmarks Give Traffic

I also experienced this same instance where a newly uploaded website aged for a week and not yet literally found by search engines actually generated about 300 visits to it. the only interesting observation however that I encountered is that of all the websites that I have been content writing on, some aged about a year and a half could not even generate such amount of traffic back when they were just about a week old. This was way back when there were no social bookmarking sites.

Observation and Analysis on Social Bookmarking Sites

Another good observation that I noticed is that our of those 300 or so traffic that the website I am talking about although generated virtual traffic without being found yet in the SERPs is that the traffic that it garnered is worth only a penny in terms of Adsense clicks. Nevertheless, it's still virtual traffic and chances are better even you have such type of traffic that you gain a small advantage other than having none at all.

My Own Conclusion to Bookmarking and SEO

In a simple for of a conclusion, although social bookmarking site really help you get early visibility in the SERPs and generate traffic to a website, it is deemed almost useless in terms of conversion and ROI. Plain SEO hype as some SEO says.

This may be the reason why some of us never even bother to make a move towards these social bookmarking sites as an adviseable SEO tool although in time this will have its effects in general.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners - High End Technology in Cleaning

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson vacuum cleaner and Vacuum Cleaner Parts should always go together all the time. Since there are some vacuum cleaners that can be bought today without you knowing that their respective parts are not available, these manufacturers leave you no choice but to buy yourself a new one when damage comes in. Would you let this happen to you when you can choose something better than other brands you know?

Quality Plus Parts = Convenience and Savings

With the same qualities that you are looking for in a vacuum cleaner and more, you can actually get something better than what is available in your list. Dyson vacuum cleaners does not only make high end technology vacuum cleaners but also they made sure that whatever the product they are making an insurance goes with them like parts and their availability when wear and tear comes in the picture.

We all know that sooner or later, it is unavoidable that some parts may get worn out due to excessive use but it's always good to know if you have an option to either buy a new one or buy replacement parts and be able to make the gadget last for quite some time until you have the finance to buy a new one. Knowing that there are available parts in any type of gadget is enough for you and in fact all you need to know when you are to decide which brand to buy.

Knowing that Vacuum Cleaner Parts are Available

If replacement parts are available, it's as good as knowing that you have insurance that whatever happens, you can still make that gadget work for you at an extended span of time. More so, if the gadget that you have is really making wonders for you in terms of function and service. Gadgets like these don't go out of phase but only goes with time and this may be attributed to the fact that you can rely on replacement parts just in case that this situation comes in.

Convenience, Integrity and Parts Availability

Furthermore, knowing that you can make replacements in cases like this even makes you need and not just want to buy such products like Dyson vacuum cleaners. Dyson brand is your complete solution to cleaning matters with integrity in service, convenience in types of make and manufacturing styles and availability of replacement parts. This makes not just the cleaning easier but deciding to buy such vacuum cleaner brand in Dyson.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Fight Fat Campaign by Famous SEOs

Somebody spilled the beans and this blog does not want to get late on it. A bigger chunk of SEOs out there are actually working on a project that would (i think) help promote health by loosing weight. This group of SEO dudes out there will be composed of some of the best in the community. I was lucky to be the first to have it in the Philippines and be able to name some of them below from the great Blogging Experiment Blog.

It was actually a group of SEOs in the likes of Dazzlin Donna, Aaron Wall (of SEOBook), Ben Cook and would you believe it? Jim Boykin plus more on the block of the SEO community in the U. s. In the group, everybody will be split in half where the first half will be composed of all girls and the other half will be of boys.

You can read more of the exclusive and first hand info about the concept here...

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