Monday, February 11, 2008

The UKWW SEOContest2008

No, the title is not some misspelled word to phrase. It is what it is, which is about a contest that was probably one of the biggest that the SEO community has joined in to. I do not know anything about the contest and I don't know about the prizes that will be giving but a friend of mine has made an announcement the moment he asked me a favor. It was back a few days ago when a friend asked if I can Digg a story he submitted and to my surprise it was actually a story that tells about the newest SEO contest dubbed as SEOContest2008.

I Dugg the story and you can also see the details by visiting other blogs that joined the contest or the link itself that I Dugg. Well, all I can say is that good luck to all the participants especially to my friend Mito Pontillas. Good luck to you my friend. Today, I took a look at the results and Gary is again on top over the others. He is too industrious to beat but everything is still in its first surge so lets just play wait and see for a while.


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