Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aim for the Google Gift this 2009

Last year, Google did something nice to their top earners during holiday seasons. Guess what it is? It's a 2 GB USB Flash/Hard Drive that is shaped like a credit card and one of the first ones to get the gift is Chris Pirillo. Is this really true, I know Chris is known for his lockergnome for featuring such moneymaking schemes.

He is also known for his podcasts there and I'm lucky to have reached his YouTube release last week on making money online. Well, I might be lucky if he visits this website of mine because I linked to his, the way Ben Cook did just a few days ago.

well, he must have really made it big in his account and maybe tons of piles of Google checks have been arriving in his table each month to get what he got last holiday seasons. How about you, would you like to get one this 2009? Who knows, it could be you or me to be one of the firsts to receive something from the big G.

Big G!!! Here we go this year...


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