Thursday, February 14, 2008

Professionalizing Affiliate Marketing Industry and Blog Monetizing in the Philippines

Most publishers encounter their own version of fluctuations in their AdSense earnings and these may be attributed to many factors recently happening in the web. Most of us wonder how and why these fluctuations happen especially for those who do not know how to make use of Google analytics to interpret data and make a little bit more of a critical and yet accurate analysis why such things happen today, understanding it is necessary.

First of all I would like to make a special mention that Google analytics itself helped me analyze data that can be gathered by simply implementing codes in a website and let Google track down different information with which they base their Google analytics report that are made available to webmasters who sign up for an account like me.

This is a very critical part of knowing why and how. If this is also what you see yourself understanding more of, then you can take a hike or two to visit some great sources for this type of knowledge in the internet but if you are the type who prefer talking to some experts there are in the SEM industry, then I would suggest that you try and seek for forums and seminar offers for this kind of information.

Everything else is a learning process that need to be part of our daily life in the internet both as a webmaster and as a responsible blogger or social media person and in professionalizing ourselves. Take this as part of our self development and an obligation that we cannot escape as we learn and earn from online affiliate marketing and blogging.

This is a very critical and important part of the analysis of why AdSense earnings experience fluctuations. To some bloggers who are already earning a decent living by the recent development of blog review websites that pay much for our daily lives, this may sound uninteresting but for those who are looking for other ways to professionalize more with regards to this type of business, then I'm pretty this is something worth more than just earning by blogging.

Why some people experience dilemma in understanding things and eventually make many webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers wonder why there are such things that happen will always be a mystery so long as we do not aim to professionalize ourselves with the issue of keeping ourselves updated and fully equipped with proper and qualified knowledge. Also since many of us use PPC and AdSense to earn a definite stream of income online.

Currently, there is an ongoing promotion here in the Philippines about Google Adsense Optimization and Affiliate Marketing Seminar with Make Money Online Sidestreams for Bloggers.

A seminar of such targets to professionalize the approach for online business today here in the Philippines and also to help people know more about how the online affiliate marketing can help businesses compete and at the same time earn from affiliate marketing and blogging. This also hopes to clear out cobwebs in our minds about affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and making money online especially through blogging.


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