Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Learning a Tip or Two on SEO and Life from Ben Cook

To some, Ben might be just another ordinary name that they could come by in a days hectic schedule in SEO life and as a webmaster. But this Ben that I am talking about gave me something in return for reading a few of his posts in his Blogging Experiment Blog.

This is not any form of a review but in hopes to shed some light to friends and SEO friends who are reading this blog, I might be able to help them the way I see Ben did me.

What good I learned is that you must have a target in any form or way on your achievements list. they do not have to be as vague as the SEO world that we live in but instead they have to be precise and concrete in any angle that we take a look at them. This gives us a clue and serves as a guiding light for our efforts and deeds for the day.

Our SEO Goals and How We Define Them

Our goals and how we define them and act to achieve them is very important for us so that it may serve as a guidance for us to see where we are and what we are doing in the long run at the end of the day, a week or a month if so preferred.

We all have to have a basis of how our efforts will lift our spirits and take us to glory. This at the end of the task will let us know that we did great. And nothing is better than knowing that we did great and we feel gratified of it.

Of course it is always important for every SEO to make a devotion to our work and to the community. I have spammed a few times and committed mistakes in the past but this does not mean that I cannot make myself what I wanted to be in the future. Ben Cook "taught me that if I make my goals clean the way I want it to be and my efforts clear the way I see it," nobody will take away the glory that I see I will be in, in the coming days of my life as a young SEO in the Philippines and in the world wide web.

The SEO Diet is Next

This may have no relation to you at all but to me, it meant a lot and I'd like to thank Ben Cook for it. I have known this all along but he served as a switch that triggered me to do things the way I want and see it doing good for me. You know what? I got into jogging again after maybe a year of stoppage.

I have long been wanting to get back and he gave me the go signal. This will be a regular basis from now on. The SEO diet comes next after a week or two of exercise and parasite cleansing.


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