Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Social Bookmarking and SEO in the Philippines

SEO and the Use of Social Bookmarks

SEO in the Philippines has never been the same since the different webmasters I know of who make a regular visit in the forums came to know about how social bookmarking sites give traffic to websites.

There was actually one forum thread at SEOPh that gave a very large list of social bookmarking sites for other members to enjoy and take a look and use them in all matters of SEO and blogging and traffic generation.

Social Bookmarks Give Traffic

I also experienced this same instance where a newly uploaded website aged for a week and not yet literally found by search engines actually generated about 300 visits to it. the only interesting observation however that I encountered is that of all the websites that I have been content writing on, some aged about a year and a half could not even generate such amount of traffic back when they were just about a week old. This was way back when there were no social bookmarking sites.

Observation and Analysis on Social Bookmarking Sites

Another good observation that I noticed is that our of those 300 or so traffic that the website I am talking about although generated virtual traffic without being found yet in the SERPs is that the traffic that it garnered is worth only a penny in terms of Adsense clicks. Nevertheless, it's still virtual traffic and chances are better even you have such type of traffic that you gain a small advantage other than having none at all.

My Own Conclusion to Bookmarking and SEO

In a simple for of a conclusion, although social bookmarking site really help you get early visibility in the SERPs and generate traffic to a website, it is deemed almost useless in terms of conversion and ROI. Plain SEO hype as some SEO says.

This may be the reason why some of us never even bother to make a move towards these social bookmarking sites as an adviseable SEO tool although in time this will have its effects in general.


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