Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Google AdSense Video Units

The Google Video Units is actually another integration with the use of an Adsense account
and a YouTube account. It is all about putting video units otherwise called as the GoogleVideo Ads.

The Google Video Units is actually a very good alternative to other great ways of displaying ads with images called as the Image Ads by Google.

Steps in Implementing Adsense Video Units

* The first thing that you would be required to do to implement these video units is for you to log in to your AdSense account.
* After that, you should be able to click on the AdSense set up tab and you will see a new offer called as AdSense Video Units.
* Click on the video units link to see the full direction on implementing these video units
* Click on the box that says you agree with the terms and conditions. Then you will be taken to the YouTube sign up page to sign up or log in if you already have an account.
* Once you are logged in in YouTube, you will be led in form that needs you to fill in your AdSense publisher ID. This will merge your YouTube account with your AdSense account.
* You will be taken to AdSense player page afterwards and you will be required to click on the create AdSense player button. This will take you to a whole lot of options in building up your own customnized AdSense Player for your website.
* Fill in everything else that will be required of you from there like player name, description, theme and color which will allow to optimize the player itself in terms of title and description.
* Choose from the 3 types of layouts (mini, standard and large).
* The next process will probably be the most important. Since it is mostly that publishers choose content based Ads to appear, you can actually choose which basis you would like to have the displayed Ads on your site. This will allow Google and YouTube to analyze your content and then display ads that are targeted to be based in your content.
* Entering keywords in a box would help Google and YouTube better content based ads to appear in your website. You also have other options like automated Ads and more.
* You will be prompted to click on the generate code box afterwards and from there you will see the codes needed in order to display Google Video Units.
* The last step would be to copy and paste the given code in order to allow that Google AdSense video units to be displayed in your website.


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