Monday, February 18, 2008

Poison Words in Link Building and SEO

Points to Consider in SEOing a Webpage

These are just some points to consider when you want to know how much of SEO to use when you are optimizing a webpage or a website. There are a few mixed and unsure guides that you can follow in order to tell that you are in the right track.

I must admit that the best tactic in optimizing a webpage is to let it be. Sometimes being a little too aggressive can lead to penalties by search engines and this is because we don't give space for them to breathe.

Little troubles that we experience, we tend to over react making us a little too aggressive and this can actually lead us to the worst case scenario which is falling under the past pages of the SERPs. As what one great SEO (Aaron Wall) once told in his book (SEOBook) "One of the greatest SEO techniques is knowing when to do nothing at all."

Now what would this mean? This applies to most of us in the search engine world because the first tendency for some of us when we get out of nowhere in the SERPs today when we are still up on top the day before.

Most SEOs would tend to over react so that sometimes we change so much of what should be left untouched of our webpage because of the simple fact that search engines do really have to go on leave sometimes by implementing drastic changes in their index.

This may result in another sort of an effect of a penalty which you can no longer track at any cost because of a simple mistake of reacting so drastically to a simple search engine algorithm.

Link Building and Poison Words

Poison words in link building may be considered as simply those words that we use in our webpage to gain interest from our readers and visitors. A webpage by the way is that which should serve to the needs of the users instead of the search engines. This is the natural flow of content and web page optimization.

Lately, some common mistakes would involve us as webmasters to take advantage of our popularity rankings via PR or Page Rank advantage. Most SEO in todays search engine world are involved in selling links and buying links at the same time in order to gain advantage and one of the most popular text link buying and selling services is TLA (text link ads).

The opening of 2008 saw what the big Google can do to impose a hard rule over webmasters and website owners who are caught selling or buying links to gain advantage over rankings in the SERPs and over their competition.

Google imposed the penalty that long had been roaming around and there is no one left without a slap when they discovered about such poison words in link building and SEO like advertise, sell links, buy links and other common words used to approve that you are either in to selling or buying links. All but no one was spared by Google and there is nothing we can do now with what had been done.

Lately, SEOs and webmasters discovered that there is still life after being penalized and PR taken stead fast from their websites. Simply remove suspicious words that may be relevant to selling links or buying links.


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