Monday, February 04, 2008

The Fight Fat Campaign by Famous SEOs

Somebody spilled the beans and this blog does not want to get late on it. A bigger chunk of SEOs out there are actually working on a project that would (i think) help promote health by loosing weight. This group of SEO dudes out there will be composed of some of the best in the community. I was lucky to be the first to have it in the Philippines and be able to name some of them below from the great Blogging Experiment Blog.

It was actually a group of SEOs in the likes of Dazzlin Donna, Aaron Wall (of SEOBook), Ben Cook and would you believe it? Jim Boykin plus more on the block of the SEO community in the U. s. In the group, everybody will be split in half where the first half will be composed of all girls and the other half will be of boys.

You can read more of the exclusive and first hand info about the concept here...


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