Friday, February 08, 2008

Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online Seminar 2008 Philippines

Nova Foundation for Differently Abled Persons Inc. is conducting a (1) day Make Money Online Seminar this 2008. This e-commerce seminar is directed to give impressive alternatives and other income resources with the use of internet marketing. This is also in response to the growing interest by young internet marketing industry professionals in the Philippine Online Business today to help them develop a useful financial value formation.

The resource speaker will be Jonathan Casuncad, a Search Engine Marketing Professional and a leading figure in the Philippine Search Engine Marketing Industry who has been helping people and companies take a leap at the Internet Marketing Business and generate income online. He has uplifted spirits of individuals in the filed of online website monetization programs like AdSense, Paid Blog Reviews, Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising and more. He has also conducted recently an
Internet Marketing Seminar in Hong Kong on the same nature.

All the participants are expected to understand the flow of income using the internet as a medium and to be able to fully understand how to earn and succeed in generating a decent income from internet marketing.

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