Monday, March 16, 2009

MSN Partners with Multiply to Transfer MSN Groups

I received an e-mail regarding my MSN Groups but I didn't bother about it because I was expecting that MSN, just like their last e-mail to me prompted me to update my Remote DBA Groups, otherwise, it will be closed. Since the last e-mail did not mention any about it, I didn't bother take a look.

Today I was surprised when I visited my MSN Groups, it was gone and this message is all that's left - "As we first announced on October 23 2008, the MSN Groups service has closed.

If you would like to create a new group, we have established a partnership with Multiply - an online group and media sharing service that is tailored to the needs of larger groups. If you would like to create a small group of less than 1000 members, please visit Windows Live Groups.

Does this mean that Multiply will grow ever stronger with respect to its networks? I bet yes but on the other hand, with this move, MSN gave an alternative which it is not used to - Windows Live Groups. While Yahoo froze the salary increase for their employees to channel funds to improve their engine, MSN is little by little moving on its own to partner with some of the greatest and probably biggest social networks in the online arena. This is great for all of us.


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