Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MSN and Yahoo Search Weblog are in the Official List that Google Blog Reads

Yes, it's official as I visit Google Blog today that perhaps the most popular blog in the internet also visits and reads MSN Search Weblog. I saw it in their official list of blogs tagged as "what we're reading" in the Google Blog sidebar.

It's great to know that somehow, somewhere along the way that Google gets a non-biased read of the official MSN Search Weblog too and I know whatever they have there is not so bad, in fact, it helps Google patrons to get a glimpse of what is in there somehow with the use of traffic from their official blog.

Yahoo Search Blog is also in the sidebar list as well as I have all 3 great blogs in two of my blogs out there. I love reading all these 3 blogs once in a while because it helps me get a kick off the day and get inspired that something good is happening in the search engines all the time.

I do not know how long MSN and Yahoo blogs were in the official Google Blog sidebar but one thing I am sure of, this is a nice way of telling everyone that a share of the pie deserved by each is a necessity today.

This is not about SEO and this is not about blogs or blogging... It is a simple way of telling us that service is on the way to improve universal search.


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