Saturday, April 05, 2008

Just an SEO Thought for an SEO Matter

The Search Engine Algorithms

Search engine algorithms and results pages are probably the most scratched destination in the web today yet nobody seems to take notice how they have changed so much since the Google Slap happened. What about you, have you noticed lately how the search engines work their way to give results? That these results are all supposed to be most likely in accordance to the old promise that the results pages where all the information are displayed for a search query by an internet user has to be "user friendly"?

Optimizing and Forgetting About the Old Days

I guess nobody remember anymore how a user-friendly content looks because we all seem so busy with optimizing and implementing keyword density that we sometimes get to the point where we, over optimize or for some harsh terms, "spam" the search engines.

I remember in the early days where the search engines would base their results pages with the number of times that a meta is repeated or in short, this is what we call today as spam (forgive me if I'm wrong with this one because I did not find any relevant result trying to query for the early ways of how the search engines give results an advantage over the others with the same target keyword).

Anyway, back in the year 2000, the internet is not this much well known here in the Philippines and the user has to buy a card that we call during those times as internet access cards before he/she can access information in the web. This is a very hard thing to be in but nevertheless, we were able to pass on it. We're lucky!

Big "G" Up to Something Again?

So back to the original discussion, today it seems the big G is again up to something and the changes seem so drastic that we even all have to go through some very big changes in the way the search engines see the pages that we make and see how they are important for the users.

According to an interview that I can only half remember on Matt Cutts when he was asked about the future of search, he said that in a few years, it will be better for the users just like it is supposed to be.

Forums, Press Release and Social Media

Well, take a look at how the search engines have changed. Say for example, I remember it used to be that the "press releases" are very highly regarded as an important part of search engine marketing but now they were replaced by "social media". Forums on the other hand have their own say in the authority of links that a webpage gets but now it seems a little bit different.

Links were not used to being sold but now links are cautiously and carefully being either traded or sold in a secrecy that only humans will know and the search engine bots will not by avoiding common terms related to advertising and buying links.

But look at how it is now, Google is even rumored to have hands on people taking care of spam and spam sites simultaneously like the way the search results algorithm changes.

The Google Slap!

Everything truly has changed and this is all because the webmasters too have changed and evolved. Everybody seems to have no time while the search engines are trying to give more time to give great results in their index. The search engines learned how to be a little bit smarter now with a few tweaks in their rules and regulations making faulty webmasters pay in away they will never forget like the latest "Google Slap". WOW!

Who would forget such a drastic measure to take away the changing algo of the webmasters on how they treat link buying and link selling.

So what's next? Yahoo and MSN merging to build the next titan engine (Yicrosoft Directory)? I'll just watch on the side and take sides when matters come. For short, I'll just cross the bridge when we get there.


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