Monday, May 14, 2007

Badsense Adsense Technique, Black Hatter and Spammer

Badsense Adsense Technique, Black Hatter and Spammer

Black hatter and spammer, badsense adsense technique, these are the two keywords that the fun began with. I started some sort of an experiment by looking at few of the blog posts of prominent SEO people and found out what keywords they have in common that i can beat them with.

The result is actually nothing new to me as in just a matter of four days, my blog ranked number 1 (#1) in the SERPs for the target keywords badsense adsense technique, black hatter and spammer respectively.

After that i decided to make another post for my other blogs and was amazed at how fast they got to the top. Three blogs i have, actually made it to the top in one day with the two keywords. I posted this little experiment in a local forum about SEO and professor benj entered the scene when i urged others and tempted them to go and beat me on the top spot using the two keywords

Benj got to the top at an early state and beat me. I posted this because i would like to personally thank professor benj for participating with the fun and excitement of the race for the two keywords. Thank you also to those who seem to halfheartedly joined the fun for whatever reason.

Finally, i'd like to take a few steps back to see if this post will make it to the top again. If so, i learn another twist from it. But if not, i'll treat this as another learning experience. I hope to make it to the top again to prove my theory with these two keywords (black hatter and spammer and badsense adsense technique).

Take note that this will have no other method of promotion, just a ping from one of the famous blog search engine, technorati.

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