Saturday, March 24, 2007

BadSense AdSense Technique

There is an ongoing thread in a great forum that enlists an important tip from the admin department about "BadSense AdSense Technique dealing with tips on how to avoid getting banned from AdSense and and your AdSense accounts frozen.

I have been able to get the actual picture that a forum famous why admin was able to post along the threads. below is the exact appearance of it.

Attached Image
May this serve as a warning to the many AdSense masters and newbies that are in to displaying ads on their sites or those MFA sites. This will be a clear violation of the TOS and would result to a maximum of complete banning of your site or freezing of your account. BadSense AdSense technique won't do you any good at any circumstance so better stay away from them and refrain from using them if you are in to improving your ctr.


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