Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Blogger's PR and Blog Concept

I'm never really much of a PR (page rank) guy but i believe that it helps a lot seeing the green bar in your tool bar everytime you click your browser and go on-line. Makes me psyche up and do more great posts for my blog and be more inspired to write relevant posts in my blogs.

I admit that at first, i never really expected to allot this much interest in blogging but since it was introduced to me by my brother Atan, i knew right there and then that i'm gonna make it big somehow through this. Making it bit in this industry does not necessarily mean earning big bucks but for me it just as simple as earning friends and knowledge.

Of course i never close the book at all because i also welcome the possibilities of providing myself a little of the portion in terms of investment if possible because it helps bloggers to be more eager of their works through earnings. It sort of pushes us a notch of a bit everytime we open our desktops.

For me, the green bar means that you have worked hard enough depending on its level because it indicates the fruits of your labor and hard work. It serves as the return of your investment (ROI). It also serves as the significant amount of income that you are able to provide for yourself though not in terms on monetary form but instead a sort of a trophy.

Yes, a trophy to look at everytime you indulge in your daily internet life. Having to read more and more and more link building blogs is a good habit and a great source of food for the soul and the mind at the same time.

The blogging community has so much to offer for all sort of people from all walks of life for the countless purposes in life be it personal or business. Blogs have helped many a bloggers to change the way the internet savvy looks at the web.

'PR' on the other hand is a sort of an instrument that pushes bloggers to another stage in business and in their personal life. Maybe, just maybe this is the reason why most bloggers like the "ME" topics because it mirrors their own personalities and somehow it a way by which we blurt out our ideas and concepts and thoughts and us as a whole.

Search engines are their one true best friend because blogs has that natural organic character of being search engine-friendly. They are the most used and abused form of advertising in the web at the same time.


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