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MSN Video, Another Great Move!

May 21st, 2006

Last May 17, MSN Video, one of the largest video-only streaming services on the web offering 41 channels of content that are updated throughout the day and are watched by more than 11 million unique users/month has provided web enthusiasts a site, view the Cannes Film Festival-related content.

In addition to streaming news, entertainment and sports video clips from more than 45 content partners, MSN Video presents a broad array of live events to online audiences worldwide. MSN Video is made available to consumers at no cost at all through their 50 top advertisers support. Simultaneously, it will be live in places like, Australia, Canada Japan and the U.S. in Spanish while the service is still in beta testing in the U.K.

Being the only online media portal to have access to all the Cannes press events and premieres, Taylor Johnson, the MSN Dish Diva, also won the distinction of serving as the SOLE moderator for the X-men: The Last Stand movie. In addition, MSN continues to further its promise of giving fans new ways to experience music, fashion, reality tv shows, and other types of entertainment.

This latest event by MSN, i believe will greatly boost their campaign for their newly launched MSN adCenter because of the fact that it attracts more than 465 million users/month with localized versions available in 42 other markets and in 21 languages. Standing alone as the world leader in delivering Web services to consumers and online advertising opportunities to business worldwide, MSN is soon to arise as the lone ranger in advertising,,,,,,,,watch out guys!!!!!!

As i’ve written on my previous article “Search Engine Marketing on TV”, little by little, my visions of possibilities are all falling into place. When this happens, a cyber turnaround could be triggered beyond our imaginations. I just hope it will be for the better of the SEO/SEM community.


Page Rank Valuation

Page Rank Valuation (pagepoints)
May 28th, 2006
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And since when can you guys remember that the internet has been accessed by the majority of mankind? Just about the tip of a needle isn’t it? Yes, its been almost a year or so when the stacks of information has increased rapidly. This came about because of the never ending need for a collaborative and more precise relevant information available for the internet savvy and for their information gathering.
This need paved the way for for search engines to fill the gap and their role to provide for the quest to find the relevant information needed with Google’s Page Rank-based system.
As the number one search tool, Google with its Page Rank became the controversy that it once never was. Being the subject of much dabate and assumptions by virtually anyone who wants to point an attention to pages of documents or sites on the web.
Being in this case-sensitive situation and in the middle of some precaution, Google has maintained the secrecy as to how the system exactly works and why some pages are listed above others with the exact same relevance as the ones in the results pages.
According to Matt J. Aird (author of ) “An Experimental System for The Comparative Valuation of Page Rank”…..—
Despite the secrecy, in my opinion it is possible to get a better view on the whole system by increasing the granularity of the grading from the simple zero to ten scale that Google display (but do not actually use).“I do this by use of what I call PagePoints, my own working title for the concept of assigning an estimated numeric value to the pagerank of documents on the web.
This is an experimental system that correlates the PR of individual pages against a logarithmic scale to give more accurate comparisons of values”.. Maintaining the secrecy, Google has no intentions of revealing how the actual system works regarding PR (page rank) figures and its basis as to the precision of the numerical values (virtually whole numbers from 0-10) because those are only displayed estimates.
Google’s Page Rank
This system, in a clear view intends to create a formula for the use of the internet savvy so as to understand the importance of documents and pages in the internet by using the structure of the web itself. Therefore, minimizing the effects of too much stress by just looking out for the most important details to amplify and support works and searches of the audience or the surfer.
The whole idea is really very simple in any terms—-”link your sites and pages to whatever you feel and consider to be relatively important and related to yours” and the more links that go to a site or page, the more important that site or page is considered to be”.
I’d like to call it myself as the “Law of Survival of the Fittest” like those times of elections. In here also, it uses a sort of a vote to evaluate the importance of a site or a page, this vote is done actually by linking your site or page to others and vise versa. This way, the system determines the importance of the page or site regardless of how long or how short the contents are.

In Google’s own words: ‘PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages “important.”
In the end, prevent to be the most unique and of relative importance to the system of the web basing the importance of pages by ‘off-page factors’ it gave more relevant results to pages and sites than the previous generation of search engines that worked on the basis of a simple keyword-matching.
This gave way to the complication, yet revolutionary way of treating keywords for those commercial sites stuffing their pages with such to raise their rankings on search engine results pages (SERP). See you on the next part of “Valuation of Page Rank”.


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This is our resources page here at SEOptimizers. We are glad to announce that these resources are totally free for you to explore and use if you may want so.

If you incidentally came here but is looking for SEO services, please head to our contact us page.

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