Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Digg Launches Related Posts Beta

I guess Digg finally got over the spamming here and there from all corners of the internet marketing industry. They just launched their Digg Related Posts in Beta testing. This is the newest modification since I cannot remember anymore from Digg admin and I like this one as it somehow minimizes the opportunities for spammers (like me) and other out there.

This move to put some changes will lessen the chances that only the spam links submitted will get the say and outbound clicks. Maybe Jay Adelson woke up and said hey, we ought to use something out of those who gets visits and leads from using Digg in return.

Actually, it's not really them who benefits from it but all users as well because the related posts will take the users to more relevant content which is a good indication that there will be more chances to see other posts and diggs by other people.

This also means that those who do not usually have the time to search for other relevant posts, not thinking that it is possible, will no longer have to click here and click there just to find other information that they may be interested in. In just one page, there will appear a link to other related posts with Digg's related posts beta.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 Days of Agony as a SEO and Link Builder

I have been a link builder and a SEO for years now and I can't imagine myself being in this situation so many times but so far, this is the most challenging for me. The "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" SEO contest indeed got must of us in our seat buckled up and sticking on it. We all want the glory at the end of the day but the day seem so endless for all of us. The day seem not enough for our entry sites and our link building and SEO efforts.

While some have struggled only to raise a few index fingers in their respective keyboards, we, the new optimizers of the new generation (I must count myself as one of them) struggle to seek more and more knowledge as if some kind of a vampire really hungry for blood and thirsty for more as we taste defeat and glory all in sudden repulsive reaction by Google. There are those who prayed to Google to put them up the pedestal and then gave up on what they used to believe, now they have directed the power they have earned to an enemy's (competition is the right word for it) entry website.

While others have struggled to cheat in their most hidden ways and hide them for anyone to see, I am here in my desktop trying still to decipher what in the mind of Google when it doesn't respond to my call. This is my world, the world that I have learned to love and live with all my days everyday here at home and this is where I will be until the end of time. I love SEO more than just my friends and I admit it, sometimes more than my own family. It is sometimes the reason I don't take a bath just to finish things I have to do. I don't regret it instead, when I start to think about it, it makes me smile.

I couldn't imagine myself of a lesser man because of SEO and my life will be full of challenges that rise my blood to the head making me blush sometimes. This is the life of an SEO, the life that I love and the life that I chose to live and will always leave me hanging by a thread. The thrill, the competition, the challenge and the art of learning how things are when others don't and still struggle to find out. This is the felling and the life of a SEO. We will win the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" contest at whatever cost. WE WILL WIN!

Sam Casuncad

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sphinn Bar Argument: Why I Don't Approve Questioning Quality Over Responsibility

There is an ongoing argument within the Sphinn (allow me to say veterans and regulars) about raising the Sphinn bar. For those who do not know about it yet. Allow me to enlighten you with the sort of voting plexo going on.

"Sugarrae", a.k.a. Rae Hoffman (according to his/her profile I took a t peek at Sphinn) of MFE Interactive raised an argument regarding raising the bar in Sphinn, that is raising the number of Sphinns that a post needs to be able to land in the home page as a hot post. From the current setting, the suggestion by "sugarrae" is to raise it up to 30.

The suggestion highlighted such reasons why this suggestion. One of which was to prevent unworthy posts from getting in the hot pot in the home page of Sphinn. This way, sugarrae said, Sphinn would have a home page full of quality posts.

Now, my question is, who is who to say that a post is quality or not when honestly speaking, yes, I find a lot of greatly great posts from Sphinn but not all of those in the home page where there is the hot seat is really hot? I guess that leaves us with the same concern.

Here are a few of the arguments raised regarding the suggestion to raise the bar that I would like to have highlighted here which for me are a few good points aside from mine.

Skitzzo raised that there wouldn't be any difference at all because people who can find friends to raise their post to 23 and make it hot will probably find another 7 to help them push an entry to the home page.

"GOOD point here" - for me

Another TonyAdam raised, that he is ok with the 30 mark but his doubt is would that even help the quality of the home page any better?

"Even a better point" - for me

Here's the interesting reply from the SearchEngineLand, Danny Sullivan - "Might be time to take it up, though I'd suggest we go to maybe 25 or 27 first. Incremental to me is often better than dramatic. Also, with it being the holidays, activity tends to go down. We could also kick the weight of comments up. Comments do contribute as to whether something goes hot."

"Now wouldn't that be a better option for you?" I like that.

"My own opinion is that, I think it would be better to leave it at what it is today because I believe that this is just a matter of having friends in the Sphinn arena and to tell you all frankly, including the regulars in Sphinn, I don't care whatever quality the Sphinn home page has as long as I know for myself what is quality for me and only my own purpose. Everybody have their own purpose why they go to Sphinn and what could be a quality post to this person may not be any worthy to another so who's who to say what's quality post and what's not?" Don't tell me that because you have a lot of Sphinns in your post that we can equate that to quality....I strongly disagree on that if that is your point in raising the bar.

People at Sphinn know how to choose what's quality and what's not. We all do... so what's the point in raising the bar? Even if posts get hot and get to sit in the home page for as long as Sphinn is live, the Sphinners decide themselves what's hot and what's not regardless of whether they are friends or not. This is called responsibility.

If I am a Sphinn user or a Sphinn visitor, there is a big difference to a post with a 100 Sphinns that I cannot use and learn from and that which has 5 Sphinns that will do me good and where I can learn from based only on my own judgement. We all have different levels of interpretation, as well as needs when we speak of posts in Sphinn and there is nothing wrong with networking within Sphinn community either because that is the very essence of joining there as a search engine marketing community of adult, mature, responsible people who know how to know what works for them and what does not.

Let them all Sphinn as friends and let the others choose what they know will give them something useful in the end. No point in raising Sphinns needed to be on the home page because even if you all Sphinn up as friends a single post that I or others don't want or need, to me or the others, it would still be rendered useless. Don't worry, I am a responsible Sphinner and I am not one of those who Sphinn because this or that person is my friend or fee is some authority in the web. I don't even like all of the regular's posts there and best of all, I am responsible.

If you like this post, Sphinn it here.

I'd like to say sorry to "sugarrae" for missing on the picture in the profile (I hope you forgive me). My mistake is unforgivable there and thanks to ms. Jill for correcting me on that.

Web Content Writer and SEO Job

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Pinoy Jobs in Cyprus (OFW): Search Engine Marketing and SEO

Cyprus, an eastern Mediterranean republic found in the East of Greece is now the next target for Filipinos looking to work for different positions. This report came in the news today in ABS-CBN channel 2 (a local news channel in the Philippines) . According to the local Pinoy news, Cyprus Jobs for Filipinos (OFW) are centered in the positions that Pinoys will be looking to fill up by early month of February were, electrician, chef, concrete finishers, manicurists and labor workers.

As this is a good sign that the country is starting to open to Filipinos and the Philippine skilled and professional working population, I started to wonder if there is by any chance that online business would also be a good place to start off for some of the talented professionals from the Philippines in the search engine marketing arena.

Aside from these details released today in the news about jobs in Cyprus for Pinoys or Filipinos, I did a short research about the current search engine optimization (SEO) in Cyprus and found literally very few competing for the local online businesses there. I also did a short study of the current search engine marketing condition in Cyprus and found even a little bit lesser professionals vying for this specific job.

Even if this is the case for many places in the world, I am hoping that in time, the SEO and search engine marketing industry will grow and this post is part of a call for professionals to try and seek a place in the search engine marketing arena in Cyprus.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Expert eZine Articles Author

The Intelligent SEO Blog author (me) has just been labeled as expert eZine articles author. I just want to share what I found out today regarding this matter. I earned my expert eZine articles author award from the management of eZine and I am really glad about that. This means that my articles will be featured in their article directory. This also includes other special priviledges for me as an expert author and I believe I will be writing more articles in my life as a Search Engine Marketer of this lifetime.

I would just like to share it here in my blog because it makes me feel proud to be a member of the most prestigious and with strong search engine authority article center in the internet today. I am happy because this will be part of my profile promotion once again and I just put the badge that eZine just gave me for my becoming an eZine article publisher author. I would like to thank the people behind my promotion and I promise to release more useful articles in the coming writings that I will be doing.

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